Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daily tool/resource 3 February 2015 -

Some people still use just their browser's bookmarks/favourites to save sites they want to remember. However, there is a better way! Social bookmarking is a terrific resource for several reasons, and I settled on using Diigo ("Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff"). about 7 or so years ago because:

  1. you can access your bookmarks anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  2. you can sort/order your bookmarks in a more user-friendly manner (I like to list and sublist, because I'm weird, but at least with diigo I can satisfy that need!) as well as with tags - plus, I see they've just started a new organising thingie called "outliners" which I'll have to look into.
  3. you have access to others' shared bookmarks, which is great because rather than doing a google search for something and getting a trillion results, you can search other teachers' bookmarks for resources for a particular study.
  4. you can subscribe to others' bookmarks.
  5. you can join bookmark groups and subscribe to the groups' bookmarks.
  6. you can easily import bookmarks from all the random places you've been keeping them.
  7. you can annotate any webpage and share those annotations (great for researching and collaborating - I'm looking at you, Level 3s!).
  8. you can share folders with students/others.
  9. the amount of folders you can make is, as far as I can tell (I have heaps) unlimited.
  10. diigo has its own community/ies where you can have discussions.
Just add the diigolet to your extensions bar and you're good to go. Access your bookmarks, anywhere, anytime, and share with anyone you choose.

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