Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daily tool/resource 5 February 2015 - youtube

ok, i know this one seems like a no-brainer - everyone knows about youtube!. but seriously, there is more to youtube than cat videos and "my reaction to xx trailer." i've used youtube to:

  • learn how to tie a half-windsor knot for my husband's tie (while i was at it, i learned 3 other knots!)  extra note: this guy had the best how-to video on ties out there. too many others assumed i'd tied a tie before and glossed over important aspects! this one was truly step by step.
  • replace the charging port on my samsung chromebook (easy as 1-2-3)
  • how to ice a layer cake into a "swirl rose cake" (daughter's 21st) - it was ombre on the inside, too 
  • to view the annual xmas cartoons from my childhood on xmas eve (who doesn't miss the heat miser and the snow miser? and rudolph, and, of course, the grinch!)
  • to rethread my overlocker, and also how to change the foot on my sewing machine

to name a few.

when it comes to teaching, i've used youtube to (random selection, not exhaustive!):

  • demonstrate how cinematography made the ending of the sopranos totally obvious (!)
  • how an aural bridge from credits/black screen to first image sets the tone of a film (darn, these have been deleted :(  )
  • how/why directors choose songs for lyrical meaning (essential for the opening scene of hot fuzz. also good for teaching homophones)
  • to publish student book trailers
  • as a place for students to make a file of video shorts for a speech when embedding them into something else wasn't optional/reasonable (for whatever reason)
  • teaching advertising through jingles
  • public speaking demonstrations (particularly voice, but also structure and content)
  • to repeat (over and over) an excerpt of film we are studying
  • pronunciation (like chiaroscuro, for example) 
  • to share documentaries, like that of murdered teen emmett till, in order to bring forward wider ideas from a text
  • to develop the concept of national identity through lyrics (the muttonbirds, but lots of pre-teaching here)
  • doodle 4 google
  • to discuss how astronauts use the toilet when watching apollo 13 (i, too, was curious!)
youtube is a fantastic resource for teaching and learning. i haven't even touched on the resources for khan academy, TED, SXSW, flipped classrooms, etc. you can learn how to do just about anything on youtube. 

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