Thursday, September 4, 2008

Musica Universalis

yes, it's true - i heard it yesterday. all my technology finally gelled and i was able to ::shock, horror:: upload some pix to picasa. wow! what an achievement! i was able to add captions, sort, and even send out invites to famiy before the whole thing went fubar.

let me revel for just a moment. at work, with the good internet connection (yes, it's true, i was naughty!), i managed to upload two whole folders full of pix from a holiday and a birthday. everything went so quickly and was so user friendly that i thought, "hmm, even my mother (the technophobe) could use this".

then, when i went home, we unplugged all the phones and i had some relatively decent speed broadband for a couple of hours to catch up with all my friend requests on facebook. in touch with some lovely european students from years ago. terrific to be able to communicate with old friends...but i spent about 2 hours after dinner fooling around with it, and you know what that means? well, nothing, if you're single and don't have any kids. however, if you are a married woman like me, it means that: dinner dishes did not get cleaned up, homework was not done, husband was completely ignored, and i had no time later for relaxed book reading. on the upside, i did feed the cats while waiting for uploads.

turns out that for a country so advanced in internet communication, we have the worst broadband service in the world. the lines are too old to support the usage, and telecom has yet to spend any of the so-called millions they say they are going to in order to update the lines. we'll be waiting til the next ice age, i think, the money-grubbing prigs.

so that means that any important, work-related internet use, such as d/l some video to use in class today, was performed last (after i gloated over my photographic success, of course). a colleague of mine raves over tubesucker, so i figured i'd try it. set it to d/l one video, and went off to bed.

this morning, not only was a greeted by a filthy kitchen, but a screen that had only reached 50% of d/l! for cripe's sake, i can d/l on clipnabber in about 5 minutes! what is the problem? must add photo here (when i have the time to figure *that* out!)

have a lovely day :O)

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