Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time Consuming or Time Wasting?

**apologies, this was supposed to be saved as a draft**

spent a LOT of time over the weekend downloading/joining several things: twitter (have already found at least one other teacher to follow), second life (don't know what i'm going to do with it if i can't have my own island with a zombie apocolypse, lol), and a bunch of ppt games that i may someday have time to programme for my own needs. home internet connection (broadband) is SO SLOW that's it's taken forever (ok, about 6 hours) to do any of these things! this is what frustrates me - that's 6 hours over the weekend i could have spent with my own family doing my own family things, rather than being stuck to this screen. finally broke down and d/l tubesucker - we'll see if it's quicker than clipnabber, which doesn't require any d/l of itself.

something else i'm missing right now is quiet time to read. i normally read several books a week, but since i got on the technology bandwagon, i even bring the laptop up to bed and work up there, instead of reading a good book. the lack of private reading time is starting to grate on me - i feel constantly at work, as if i have no "me" time.

all right, must get off to work, so that's all for now. maybe i will update later if i can't tear myself away from the machine.

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