Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome

so...thought i'd get on the bandwagon before it left, for once! d/l chrome yesterday, and have to say, i like it! set up igoogle just like i had it, and although there were a couple of glitches, such as installed gadgets disappearing or changing order randomly, it is going swimmingly. the only thing is that i was so wrapped up in having fun "decorating" my new homepage, i had zero motivation to teach! i started by introducing my classes to chrome, lol. a fun day.

i wish the clever people who invent the gadgets would make them more accessible. for example, i would like to be able to upload pix to picasa (or wherever) from my gadget, without having to log into a new site. and i wish one of the twitter gadgets would allow me to see everyone, and not just the people i'm following/following me.

i noticed today that 6 whole people have looked at my wee blog. thanks people! please feel free to make suggestions (such as where i can find that twitter gadget!) would love to hear from you so i don't feel so alone out here in cyberspace. believe it or not, i'm the second most knowledgeable tech person at my work and certainly in my home, and i know there's tonnes more i could be learning.

cheers, and have a great weekend.

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