Monday, September 8, 2008


so today, someone i know on twitter made a blog post that said, basically, "if you're not participating, what are you doing?"  i thought, "you know what?  you're right!"  i want to find some people in my line of work, or who enjoy the same outside-work things (such as horror films, ::evil cackle::), and read their blogs too.  i get emailed links to blogs of all kinds every week...but now that i want to go searching for blogs myself, i have run into a stumbling block.  i don't know how!  egad, how technologically-impaired is that?  or is it just a blonde moment? or perhaps those two things combined make it psychologically impossible? :D

so here's what happens:  when i go to, the computer, no matter which browser i'm using, logs me in automatically.  and while it's fairly obvious, even to me, how to add a blog, it appears that one needs to paste in the actual address of a specific blog, rather than search for one via tags or whathaveyou.  

so my question today, 9 lovely people who took the time to look at my own fledgling attempts:  how can i browse other people's blogs in order to add them to my following list?  

cheers, and have a great day.


  1. One way is to look at the blog rolls people have on the side of their blogs and go visit other blogs from there. Now that you're on Twitter as you add people to follow (check out the people I follow/who follow me and add some to your list) many of them have their blog links on their Twitter profile so that 's another way of doing it too.
    Great to see you taking the plunge. Feel free to visit my blog at

  2. hi kea! i've only just discovered your comment, thanks so much! i built a huge twitter network at ulearn 08, which is fantastic! when i get a minute (most likely after seniors leave) i will work on building up a blogging list as well. thanks so much!