Saturday, October 4, 2014

#SecondaryHB Unconference - Connected Educators Month

October is a huge month for teachers. No, I'm not referring to marking (or report writing - we do that in our "spare" time, right?)! It's Connected Educators Month, and there's heaps on! I'm really excited that we can be a part of it; NBHS is hosting the #SecondaryHB Unconference on Thursday, 9 October at 10am. This is an opportunity for secondary teachers to experience an unconference event similar to educamp (we've been asked by the primary sector to avoid using educamp in our branding, but the idea is the same). An unconference is a relaxed environment that provides small group (and in our case, 1-to-1) professional development for teachers. An unconference demonstrates that we are all teachers and learners, simultaneously.

Unlike a regular conference, where you browse a programme to see who is presenting on what, and sign up to attend different lectures/workshops where you are the student, at an unconference the attendees are also the presenters! Because everyone knows something, and that something is worth sharing.

I was warned in advance that it is difficult to get secondary teachers onboard, and it has been ... challenging. We do, however, have a small group attending, and I hope to see more on the day. Not everyone has filled in the attending form yet, so I am unable to amend the presenting list. It's a work in progress! However, this is a chance for those who feel they are the "lone nut" to come out and socialise with other, erm, nuts :)

I'll be updating here with the collaborative doc. In the meantime, you can check us out here (updated for the programme and collaborative doc access), and tell your friends!

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