Monday, March 31, 2014

Google vs MS Office 365

My school is going to roll out Office 365 in the near future, so when I saw the webinar E-Learning Conversations: Where Pedagogy and Technology Collide. A conversation with Adrian Francis about Office 365 and Google Apps (Blake Seufert & Mike Reading) (27 March 2014) hosted by Teachers Training International I was keen to go along and find out if Office was ready to supply what I needed for my students. As I understand it, "Office 365" is a rebranding of sorts for LiveOffice, utilising the SkyDrive (now called OneDrive).

Teachers Training puts on a great webinar. There were plenty of teachers in attendance, with NZ teachers being predominant, though there were teachers from around the world. About 22 teachers joined me in the Google Doc for some collaboration, confirming Google as the gold standard for collaborative work (even the MS guy stated that Google leads the pack when it comes to collaboration, and that MS is always trying to "catch up"). Please feel free to utilise the doc in your school's discussions.

A webinar is a fantastic form for PD, with live video on G+ via Youtube, live questions in the sidebar, and a collaborative doc all running at the same time - amazing! I recommend Teachers Training Intl' as a resource. If you are not following them already, you definitely should. When the resources are posted later, I will update this post to include them.

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