Friday, October 9, 2009

uLearn09 - Day 3

Wow! I'm sitting here with my feet up while my husband watches Australian Idol, suffering from something close to jet lag or culture shock.  I can't believe I'm back at home after the wonderful time I had at ulearn09.  Between meeting tweeple, learning about new uses in IT, and just plain having fun, I'm rather sorry to be home!

Wordle: uLearn09

Last night about 35 of us waited outside the Southern Comfort Motel for the expected pick-up bus to the conference dinner.  By 7.30 we decided it wasn't coming, so someone called a cab and they sent 10 to pick us up immediately.  We'd missed the free bubbly, but our places were waiting at our tables, and we were ready to let our hair down.  Dinner was well served and enjoyed, and so was the evening's entertainment.  I pulled out my new toy (a mini video cam with a built-in USB. downloads straight to your computer as .avi.  excellent investment of $255!) and made a wee video to show you here:

This morning the motelier asked me where we'd all been hiding, as the bus showed up there to pick us up for the dinner, 2 blocks away from the designated area!  He then loaned me an umbrella and I ran off to catch Release the Edupunk in You with Glen Davies.  We discussed the difficulties of meeting the needs of the students and the new curriculum with the administrative stranglehold a lot of teachers labour under.  You can see some of what we discussed on Glen's wiki site.

Sadly, I had to catch a noon flight out of Christchurch, so I had to run away before they even had morning tea out.  However, I have a lot of great memories, new friends, and a whole lot of ideas to trial in Term 4!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!



  1. I heard that you had been sited at ULearn, Sorry we didn't meet up- maybe next time.

    Allanah K

  2. Hey Kelly - can't view the video as it is private :(

    It was great meeting you!

  3. hi y'all! i'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet allanah - im(very)ho, the networking is the best part of conferencing!

    thanks for the heads up on the video jo - i've gone in and managed to access a whole bunch of things, so it is changed now. this is the first video i have ever uploaded! :O)

  4. Love the video ... thanks for fixing!