Thursday, October 8, 2009

uLearn09 - Day 2

Another amazing day at uLearn.  You know, it's not just the wonderful speakers and presenters and vendors with cool toys; it's meeting up with other teachers who are all doing inspirational things with their students that is so much ... I'm at a loss for words here!

I had such a great day today, and the weather was grand, again!  Went on a lovely walk through Catherdral Square and the river/park area and just relaxed for a bit before gearing up for breakouts.

Google Docs Innovate & Collaborate with Mark Callagher was informative (and he's got a great blog, too, check it out), and I enjoyed seeing what Mark's students are doing with it.  I have used Google Docs myself, but mostly for my own creation/backup and also planning, but not really for collaborating.  I have encouraged my students to use it for their work-in-progress and to get away from emailing files and bringing in virus-ridden flashdrives.  Many of them don't know about it! Now I'll be able to lead by example. The last thing I did at school was have my Year 9s upload their Google Doodles to a Google Docs PPT. When they are all in, I'll share that with you.  One aspect I really liked was how Mark's students have full access to his planning, and can book themselves in on presentation days.  No more names in a hat & grumbling!

The second breakout was my own: Why Wait? Start Using Blogs and Wikis Now!  (resources coming soon on uLearn site).  Jo Fothergill (@KiwiJoe90) came by and helped me out, as I was in a Mac lab, and it was great to have her target the primary teachers, who use blogging a little differently from secondary teachers.  The participants were just fantastic, and I am keen to see and share their work when they are ready to go!  We also gave WikiEd a little push for the wiki training :O)

Resting up now for the conference dinner...and looking forward to another great day tomorrow before racing to catch the tin can home to Napier.  Before I go, I'd like to congratulate Emma Sharland for becoming the new HOD of English at Napier Boys' High School!  Congratulations Em!  I've got a few invoices from the conference...

I'll see the rest of you tonight!


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