Monday, February 2, 2015

Daily tool/resource 2 February 2015 - QR Codes

QR Codes have come and perhaps gone, but I still find them useful and engaging at times. I learned about using QR codes from @daikinane at uLearn11. Here are the collaborative notes from that year,
and the notes from our session are about halfway down. The following page details uses in education.

I use qrstuff to make my codes, and then use them to link kids to my ncea flashcards, homework assignments, readings, etc. They generally get a kick out of it (though more so if they already have downloaded a reader).

I refer my kids to QRreader at the play store. It's free, and doesn't make an annoying noise every tine they scan a code.

I even use a QR code on my cv these days! They take literally a second to make, and are quick, easy, and fun. Give it a go!

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