Sunday, January 11, 2015

Goals for 2015

I have been a bad blogger. So often I feel that I don't have anything to say, or that I'm not doing anything useful. I've really got to change this mindset, because it's not helpful to anyone! Secondary teachers especially need support and resources to get started, and I've got to remember that my little blog can be of use to another teacher who is starting out with minimal resources.  

So here goes, my blogging goals for 2015:

1. a "photo" a day. this can be anything related - a screenshot or link to something I've used that day, or an actual photo of something happening in my classroom.

2. a post a month. remember that not everyone is racing ahead of me with resources and that other teachers need a place to start, too. sharing what i'm doing can help someone else.

Not an extensive list! The idea is to keep my use of technology in the forefront of my mind rather than taking it for granted! And with a second #SecondaryHB Unconference on the books for Term 1, action, not words, needs to be my focus for this year.

Happy New Year everyone!

PS: First lesson of 2015. You cannot search for CC images from within the blogger posting page like you can in Google Docs!

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