Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NZATE 2013 Presentation "Enhancing Literacy Through QR Codes"

This year I was encouraged to submit a presentation on the work I did last year with my Year 9 class. You may remember we did a pretty big 3 parter last year as a big project, including book trailers and QR Codes. The presentation will be in two parts, with part 1 disseminating the results of the project (how we did it; results) and part 2 teaching how to make QR codes, and if time, how to make a little video in Powerpoint.

So, to provide resources, here are, in no particular order, but starting with the Prezi:


This Prezi!
Youtube trailers
Google Docs (for forms)
Assignment Sheet
Marking Schedule
Mrs Faulkner Wikispaces Year 9 (sound banks here)
Creative Commons Search
My Blog reflections (the post before and after refer to it as well)
QR Stuff (to make codes)
Quickmark QR Reader  (to read codes on your computer)
QR Code Sample  (to practice using your QR Reader)

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