Friday, October 21, 2011


another great conference behind us, and the best thing is that after 3 very long terms, and virtually no break these holidays, i am totally stoked to get back to school next week!

there's nothing better than getting out there with like minded peers and sharing ideas. not being much of a creative thinker myself, spending time talking with and listening to others is an important facet of my own learning and teaching.

as i said to the delegates in my own session: take away ONE thing you're going to give a go. i'm practising what i preach, and my one thing this ulearn is QR codes.

@dakinane gave the session i attended, and he said we would be surprised at how easy it is. boy, was i! i've already prepared my "mission" (traditional word: homework) for this week, with a QR code for my level 1 students. the link is to the online flashcards i created last week. i'm hoping that the non-traditional delivery

of homework will lead to further engagement with the material, as they have really struggled with language features. (nb: flashcards designed specifically for my class, and often refer to things we've discussed, just fyi).

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