Monday, April 18, 2011

About Me

i don't know how i ended up at this site, but i loved the pages i saw there. i don't have nearly enough skills (or decent photos), but took a stab at it. what do you think? i think the word cloud is too much. i was trying to do a digital scrapbooking type of thing, but clearly creativity is not my strong suit! (it does scroll down some.)



  1. Hi Kelly - the word cloud looks great! I think this website is awesome for teaching writing and the teacher being a risk taker with her students. I attended the IFTE conference workshop on how to teach writing and they said autobiography is the way to lead into writers. Great stuff girl!

  2. thanks! i DID end up going with the word cloud, once i figured out how to make the background transparent, and i ditched the frame :O) and i got rid of the little bio, too, lol. letting the links speak for themselves.