Saturday, December 11, 2010

To e-read or not e-read

i have been awfully busy lately writing posts that don't get past the edit stage. but this is a quickie.

despite all my protests, i may be on the market for an e-reader after being offered one for xmas.  while i may not ever read books on it, it may suit for magazines, newspapers, etc.  anyhow, i'm willing to try the darn thing and see if it changes my opinion! (helps that it's free, as i certainly can't afford one)

  • do you use and e-reader and like it? 
  • what do you read? 
  • how often do you use it? 
  • do you recommend one over the other? why?

my reading habits, briefly, are: read about 100 novels a year, plus 8 newspapers/week and unlimited mags, depending on how many dr/dentist/salon visits i have. read heaps on the lappy all day long (don't know if that matters - maybe only if an ipad, which is not the case here).

looking forward to hearing your opinions!


  1. I think, by 2018, all e-readers, except for the iPad, will become obsolete, when it is discovered e-books are complete crap.

  2. well, cameron, as you can tell from the post, i'm on that side of the fence. as a collector of signed, limited editions, and e-reader doesn't excite me at all - i can't imagine ponying up to one of my favourite authors and asking them to sign my e-reader! i also believe schools that have ditched all their paper books for computer screens and e-books have made a horrible mistake. (they couldn't have kept the books???) however, spending $1500/year on books is a strong argument for me to consider buying "everyday" reading material e-wise. sorry to take so long to respond! it was our summer holiday :O)

    so that's it folks? 1 against?