Tuesday, October 6, 2009

uLearn09 - Live!

Here I sit in downtown Christchurch.  The conference hasn't even officially started yet, and I'm already having a great time!

I flew out this afternoon, leaving a freezing cold and bloody windy Napier behind.  The Christchurch sun warmed me through the airplane window even before disembarking.  The shuttle was quick, and in it I met another Hawke's Bay teacher (Onekawa Primary)!  Small world, isn't it?

Once at the lovely motel (Country Glen Lodge - spacious rooms, wifi, and sky tv, and very friendly staff - perfect!) I raced down to the convention centre for the 4.30 pm registration.  It was already packed, and one nice lady was handing out free copies of Interface Magazine. If you haven't read Interface, I highly recommend it.  Lots of tricks & tips for classroom use, and they make lesson plans too!

I then was able to catch up with a wonderful teacher here in Chch, Pauline Henderson, who attended my NZATE workshop.  I am so happy to hear about her progress with technology at her school.  We had a cuppa and a cake (excellent carrot cake) at the cafe round the corner and chatted until 6.30! Once back at the motel, I popped down the block to yummy Keo Thai - highly recommended! (Yes, I'm a foodie!.)

I am now ensconced in my motel room, surfing the net, checking my notes for my presentation:  Why Wait? Start Using Blogs and Wikis Now!, and preparing to watch the season finale of Outrageous Fortune.  More on uLearn09 from the bloggers' cafe tomorrow!


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