Friday, August 7, 2009

Uh-oh, uh-oh

spent a period in the lab yesterday. we are undertaking two competitions this term, the google doodle nz and the nz police land transport and safety anti-drink-driving short film. so yesterday we went to the lab to review some of our requirements, choices, and options. at the same time, some went out to record their personal videos for their blogs, while i converted existing videos and plonked them into the shared file for them to edit in moviemaker.

then, to no one's suprise whatsoever, we discovered a big ugly fly in our ointment. the student computers, while coming, like all pc's, standard with movie maker, and having movie maker icons on their desktops, didn't actually have movie maker installed. upon inquiring, i found that no student computers at school had access to movie maker. uh-oh.

how exactly am i supposed to participate in the short film competition? no one really believes that i am to edit all film, do they? isn't that a requirement for the kids? and about those 30 individual blog videos, you know, the ones i plan on showing during open night in 2 weeks. . .uh-oh.

why do nz secondary teachers avoid technology? every time we think we're getting somewhere, there's another damn frustrating roadblock! when i told my closest colleague what had happened, she just laughed and said, "see? why bother?"

thinking that i could possibly get this fixed quick smart at today's ict committee meeting, i arrived on time, then waited, and waited, only to find said meeting had been cancelled, though i had no email, or note in my pidgeonhole, to that effect.

did i mention i am sick and feel like crap? whoops, that's an aside.

anyway, here's hoping that tonight's staff dinner will come with lots of wine, and that next week will bring a speedy and pleasant change in status for movie maker so we can get the ball rolling!

have a good weekend,



    you just need to know where to find it :P

    I spent the day upgrading software on the p1 computers and it was on every computer :)

  2. that's because Mr O installed it after i asked him to! thanks for installing all the codecs as well :O)