Sunday, July 12, 2009

NZATE 2009

the nzate 2009 conference was inspiring. i really enjoyed meeting you all and seeing you again at the different technology workshops.  i hope now that you're home, those of you who had your email addresses blocked will now activate your twitter, diigo, and blogger accounts and start participating! those of you who were able to access your accounts need to continue posting.  i look forward to hearing from you on twitter or here in the comments section.

i have collated all of those participants who had completed the process and inserted them into the slide that says "NZATE participants".  i sent the .ppt to nzate; it is also published in google docs and below.  you can see it in full screen mode by clicking on the square on the bottom right hand side, along with the speaker notes, which are simple, step-by-step instructions.

today i have uploaded another 160 bookmarks to diigo; i am tagging them and sharing them as quickly as i can.

remember, keep participating and contributing to web 2.0!


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