Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Don't You Have a Photo?

hello again. in case you're not in NZ, you should still be aware that a new copyright law is close to being passed that may disconnect your isp. how does it work? if another server accuses you of downloading their material without permission, your isp will disconnect your service. yep, that's right. no due process, no real cause, you're screwed (no, i don't know how easy it will be to simply sign with another isp, or whether you'll be forced to pay out your contract).

in protest, many nz people are participating in a blackout. see here:

sure, this may not affect you directly, but beware. politics seems to be a game of "monkey see, monkey do". if it happens here, you could very well be next.

what do you think of this proposed law? vent here, please!

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  1. and so it did happen - passed as law in france a week or two ago!