Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank Goodness for Technology

well well, it had to happen - it always does, doesn't it? yes, a nasty virus came down the network and infected my machine, even with avg 8.0 and spybot. tech wiped the hard drive, so i lost EVERYTHING on it, and if i hadn't been playing around with technology over the last couple weeks, i'd be devastated. i've always been pretty good with backup - almost everything work-related is saved, except for the 2K music files (how will i ever remember what to download?), and several documents i've made over the last month or so. plus, of course, all pictures and bookmarks are gone, gone, gone.

but i'm saved by tech! all *important* photos - birthdays, celebrations, holidays, had all, just in the last fortnight, been uploaded to picasa! all bookmarks, in both browsers, had been saved to delicious! and the bulk of my teaching materials, though not on the network, had been saved to a flashdrive! all my fave videos? in my online faves on youtube! my email address book? saved in mozbackup!

so what have i learned? firstly, to get off my duff and go out this weekend and buy that external hard drive so *everything* can be backed up, so as to save myself time and heartache the next time (and you know there'll be a next time - it's inevitable). i've learned that while new technology may be time consuming at the beginning, it's worth the time i'll save now, and the next time and the next time, having to restore everything. i didn't even have to repair my igoogle page, as when i logged into gmail it popped everything back up just as it was.


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